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Queens Always available

The links below will either open a new page, or it will download the form,  you will need to print off the form.  The backside of the form is the Apiary inspection.  you do not have to have this document to order.

Order Form

The bees are NOW on their way. The day of pick up is Monday the 19th (this coming Monday). To follow Covid guidelines we have devised a plan so please do your best to adhere to the following instructions.


1- Stay in your vehicle at all times

2- As you pull into the property at 1268 Nichols Rd. Swartz Creek (Anthony Bee Farm) follow instructions from the AWS employees. They will direct you when to pull into the driveway and where to go.

3- Have your order form(s) ready for display through your window so we can prepare your order and have any outstanding balances ready (Cash only please)


5- We will place your packages in your vehicle for you.

6- Any questions will be handled by phone (our numbers will be displayed at the pickup location) or you will be directed into a designated area to park.


8- From there you will bee on your way to placing your bees in their new home. 


*remember our website for helpful videos on how to separate packages, unpackage your bees and release the queen. 


The schedule is based on last name on the order and is as follows:

A through C - 8 to 10 am 

D through H - 10 to Noon

I through M - Noon to 2 pm

N through S - 2 to 4 pm

S through Z - 4 to 6 pm

We understand there may be situations that this schedule may not work for all but if everyone does their best to make their time slot it will be better for all involved. 


 Bee Day is Monday 4/19. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. 





A message from Ray Olivarez Jr.

2nd Generation Beekeeper & founder of Olivarez Honey Bees

When you start with a healthy queen bee she builds a strong colony, you can maintain quality standards to assure a high-end product. Our package bees are daughters of our vibrant queens and we assure the quality in California and through our trusted distributors.

OHB Saskatraz Queens are hybrids that are produced in Northern California (Orland area) exclusively by Olivarez Honey Bees using Saskatraz breeder queens constructed in Saskatchewan, Canada by Meadow Ridge Enterprises (Breeder and CEO, Albert J. Robertson). A detailed review of the Saskatraz project (est. 2005) including breeding methods, published research articles, power point presentations and information on individual breeding families, including Saskatraz hybrids can be found at www.saskatraz.com  

Saskatraz breeder queen traits:

Excellent honey production, Good wintering ability, Selected for increased varroa tolerance and resistance to brood diseases, Show increased hygienic behavior. 

Introducing Spring 2021 Package Bees Premium Queens & Packages pre-order today 

Please send aprox 1/2 down with the order.    Thank you.

You will be notified by phone or e-mail, 48 hours before delivery. 

All Bees must be picked up within 24 hours of arrival.

After you inspect all packages, we are not responsible for them once they leave the premise.


To order bee packages please print and complete the order form and mail to: dont forget your 1/2 down payment.


 1268 Nichols Rd.

Swartz Creek, Mi 48473

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 Email us at awsbeesllc@gmail.com and ask to be joined,

Or fill out the order form and send it to us aking to be joined to our email list.