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Bee pickup will be saturday april 4, subject to change.  please check email and web site for updates

please call leo or dave with questions:

The bees are en route. This confirms the pick-up date as Saturday 4/4/2020 God willing their travels go as planned. For your reference I have included "rules of engagement" and schedule for this Saturday.

Rules: For picking up your bees,  please read and follow
  1. The line of vehicles will start on Nichols Rd. in the northbound lane. Stay in line please.
  2. A set amount of vehicles will be allowed in the driveway at one time. They will process through the circle drive between the house and barn. Please drive slow. Someone will direct traffic at the end of the driveway.
  4. KEEP WINDOWS ROLLED UP. We may ask to crack the window to pass a queen through if we feel we can not secure her safely with the packages. 
  5. Have the name on the order written down to show through your window. We will then load your order for you. 
  6. You may then exit the driveway and onto Nichols Road where you can find a safe place to secure your package(s).
Schedule: Order by first letter of last name on order
Please do your best to arrive as close to your scheduled time as possible. 
We thank you in advance for your patience as this will be unlike any other pick-up day anyone of us has been apart of. We hope with everyone's participation we can get all orders filled in a safe and timely fashion. 

Again, prepare for delivery earlier than expected. Currently, it looks like the first week of April. We will send out a definite time 48 hours before pick-up. 

Be sure to reach out to other beekeepers to make sure they are getting these communications please.

Any questions please email. I would rather have things worked out prior to pick-up day.


*COVID-19* Information:

 the bees are still comming. exact date will be announced soon. expect earlier delivery date,

 please keep checking website.

we will be doing a distance pickup.  there will be no vendors, you will not get out of your vehicle. bees will be loaded for you and the payment will be taken through your window.

more info to follow, keep checking website. 

THANK YOU 2019 BUYERS.      2020 prices are now online.

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Call in orders ONLY.

Queens Always Available Call for prices

Stay Tuned for delivery information.

Queens Available all season.  Call for more info.


 Questions please call

Dave 810-621-4371,

 Leo 810 639-3640   

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